Monday, August 28, 2006

Do I Know you?

I realized I've been shutting out a whole year of my life. Not only it took me a few seconds, the other day, to remember the name of the first guy I've ever loved (well, love is too big a word for those feelings I had at 20), but there was this unusual incident a couple of days ago kamein: while I was zapping, I had to go back to Future TV, to that shrink who was talking about a certain issue chez les enfants. "Where have I seen this guy? He looks so familiar! Where ya eve where… wein ya 3ammeh eft… inno I'm sure I haven’t paid him a clinical visit some time ago" and then it hit me: I actually dated the guy for a short while, years ago! And even though there was nobody listening to my Eureka, boy did that sound so wrong!

Nataly, of course, replied to that with her usual: "allah yjarsek". But then we started remembering that "era", and all the names just flowed in. I felt strange. It was like remembering the past of another person. Someone, anyone, but definitely not me.

Nevertheless, I'm impressed: when I'm done with unwanted memories, I do have the ability to sending them to trash.