Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just Stay Home

So the project of going to Italy for vacation was a complete failure (on July 12, I had already applied for my passport, and was on the verge of booking my ticket).
A month and some days later, the word vacation stopped meaning anything to me.
Oh, and may I say: what a "splendid" surprise it was when the Russian airplane crashed a week ago! (I knew I had reason to be scared when I flied on it last year!)
Today, my boss finally managed to convince me of traveling for few days…and he suggested… Turkey as a destination!
I had just started to dream about another escape when… well, you know shu sar.

"Tirkiya? eh rou7eh ndabbeh habibteh"

7adan baddo e7sedlo balad ya jame3a? yalla choose another destination, before I run out of my "good luck"! inno eft…

btw, this blog is going commentless for the time being. If you have any comment, plz send me an email, or go chez mysteriouseve. She's serious w self-restricted wma btinta2 these days. Eve-ntually just want to be alone and rant.