Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Tuesday

Work field trip to Yemen!

And I'm not going! :(

Apparently tribes during elections are not the perfect place for a girl.

Ma3 inno nothing else seems more right for me in this particular period.
Inno bye bye Italy vacation, w so long to the Turkey escape, and now this. inno pfff.

Oh and I hate blogs, wish I never started with the whole thing aslan. but once you start, you just cannot stop. you're doomed to blog till the remaining days of your life. to post about you heartbreaks, your wedding day, your first baby, your jobs, the colleagues that you absolutely hate etc... an everlasting mission (for your sake before anyone else's). they should have written that in their manuals. bastards.
So, is it possible to force oneself to stop doing something by... say hypnosis mathalan?

w 3ada zelek, it's a black day in the Kingdom of the Sun, w mish tay2a 7adan. But I guess it already shows.

Have to wait till seven ce soir to eat something. not complaining. can handle it. w killo tamem. 4 hours to go. will be catching a movie kamein after this long break. heard the assassination series (not the movie, the real-life one) is back to Lebanon min awwal w jdid. but if they think that will stop me, qu'ils aillent se faire foutre.

yalla. a toute.