Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lost in Translation

Hmm... been drowning in dictionaries for too long; spending quite some time with my friend google over here too.

Well that’s what you do when you have a mixed document bita3 kollo. Khabissa ya3neh.

I have to figure out what a certain weird meal called “tapenade” means in Arabic... invent a new word barki... W kamein the ultra-low-rise jeans. Inno ma3leih ya3neh. W ba3dein a bunch of eye diseases and treatments like: monovision, LASIK surgery, PRK, retinoids, endermologie, keratome, conductive keratoplasy… dawwa rasseh. W stuff related to fung-shui, then this margarine butter that’s supposed to be healthy, w new fall shoe trends, w a lot lot more, all grouped in one single document. La2 w shu, a private pilates session is supposed to cost between 150 and 750 SR. SR? SR?! inno isn’t this supposed to be in dollars? Are we talking Saudi Riyal all of a sudden now?
don't authors know translators clean after them? can't they be a little more considerate ya3neh?

Anyway, don’t mind the mood. Add to that inno I haven't eaten anything since last night, and that I’m supposed to wait till seven again tonight. oh yes, that's called fasting. not working for me at all this year.

yalla have to run. later.