Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Treat

So the previous weekend I indulged myself in a visit to the Movenpick Spa. worth every penny Im telling you! (regardless of the fact that you have to pay this huge sum to stay in an oven called sauna... among other things), but anyway, it was very relaxing (and the least thing to do since the vacation thing was not working at all, as you guys know). You actually reach a state of serenity with the oven heat. I think I even saw a naked man there, heik walking around. no, we're not talking the butt of a Brad Pitt, I mean a naked old man with a potbelly. thank God I wasn't wearing my glasses! Anyway, the showers there are so much fun! You just press a bunch of buttons, and you have flows of water coming either from the sides, or cold flashes on your head, or light gentle drizzles etc... ok, I sound like a baby who's having his first bath. But it's way better than those ads about the woman on a plane, washing her hair with Herbal Essence. (bof! Herbal Essence is such a "deceptive" shampoo btw). and we didn't even get to the hotstones massage part yet! to think they have asked me: "you prefer Joyce or George as your masseur?"! now that answer would have been interesting (in case I'm revealing it to you ya3neh)...

yalla, enough for today. zhe2et sarsara.

The high point of today: My Ashrafiyeh colleague walking in the room, in her Yemen tchador! Never thought something would crack me up hal add!