Friday, September 29, 2006

Final Destination

For all those who are familiar with the Final Destination series (well, I wasn't), I got to watch part three yesterday. The impact of it on me in two words? let's just say I'm freaked out since then. All this blood and talk about signs and death and how it is triggered, and turning the whole thing into a philosophical matter about how you cannot escape what it is written and blah blah blah... well, I'm not the right person to handle it. Yes, I realize it's just a movie, but every damn object on the road, every car, person and darrab el sokhn started to look suspicious. w kamein, I'm not going into an amusement park again in my life. w huh! yeah, you heard me (people who have heard me nag about going there since months ago)

Ramadan started to show its effects on me. been sick since this morning. maybe it's the whole food diet change w tokhbees el akel :(
yalla, supposed to get ready for an iftar with friends. you see, it's a bit difficult when the smell of cooking in the nearby kitchen gives you the nausea.