Thursday, October 13, 2005

Leaf #14

Hmmm... I'm starting to like this blog. Solo useless ranting is doing me good. here we go for today:
Khalas, “no more fuse to use”! Try translating all day long, focusing for several consecutive hours when you’re fasting, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Inno Eve is fading away as I speak. Actually, I'm fading away as she speaks. ehhhh, whatever...

I watched Les Poupées Russes a couple of days ago. A great movie! Imagine this: it was shot in the only three places I’ve been in Europe: London, Paris and St. Petersburg. A sight for sore eyes! And I even understood some of the Russian words (xarasho and gorka)! Yaaay me! I was like: "she said xarasho! and I know Russian!" I'm posting one of my Russia pictures again, ya3neh, for the good old times. Oh, and by the way, Sacha is fine and he says hi (wink wink).


On my way back home today, the conversations on the streets focused, as follows, on: "Ghazi Kanaan, Ghazi Kanaan; G.K.; G.K.; food & empty stomachs; G.K.; killed; "farrouj meshweh" (with the detailed description); G.K.; suicide my a**; oh, cute guy to the left; G.K; children crying inside my head; G.K.; security forces; move your car, you moron!; G.K. etc..." So, they killed him, surprise, surprise!

Meeting some old friends can somehow be disappointing... will find out more about it tomorrow.

I'm only missing my dance classes.

my idelness.