Sunday, September 25, 2005

Leaf #10

I caught up a few minutes of this movie today, which I had seen several years ago, only to be surprised by how much one can see things from a different perspective after some time… and how manipulative the American media is of course. It basically relates how a simple beautician from the land of free American people is mistaken for a high-graduated professor of science, who is charged with teaching the kids of a certain prince. The principality has an Eastern European kind of name by the way, so we get the picture. However, the whole incident didn't cause a problem; seeing how ignorant communist people are, a beautician is not supposed to face any difficulty in handling the job! Among the other scenes I watched before rushing into changing the channel:
1- Beautician wants to go site seeing, prince's son says: you'll be back in twenty minutes.
2- Beautician runs across a party: finally, some civilization!
3- Russian/Eastern European people: severe, cruel, strict… but American beautician teaches them how to care and express their feelings. Etc.

Frankly, I was very irritated by what I saw, first because I had been to Russia, and was amazed by its potentials, on the tourism scale at least, which I'm sure are potentials that exceed what the United States has to offer. However, being relatively poor, the Russian media has not, of course, the capacity of its Western counterpart… which brings us to second: the movie clearly promotes the famous question I received from everyone before going on my trip: "Huh? Russia? What on earth are you going to Russia for?"

There, now I feel better. I had to speak to someone about this nonsense!


At Sunday, September 25, 2005 12:51:00 PM, Blogger IronMask said...

أعتقد ان ما جرى كان جزء من الحرب الباردة، و لكن التراث والادب الروسي استطاع الصمود رغم كل مفرزات القرن الماضي، لكن يبقى على الروس التفكير بالمستقبل و العودة لأحياء كل الجمال والابداع المختزن في المجتمع الروسي

At Sunday, January 15, 2006 1:02:00 PM, Blogger neruda said...

The russian media is in the hands of a few jewish Billionaires ...and they have no reason to revolt against the american way of living ...on the contrary, they want to endourse it ..
I was born in russia, and lived my childhood there ... and i too know what a great people they are ..and what a great culture it is ...hope the americans wont spoil it as they always do !!!


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