Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Last Night's Dreams

Yesterday I dreamt another explosion hit Beirut, and the victim this time was no other than… Tony Baroud. Now why on earth would I dream about Tony Baroud? I don’t even like the guy! And in the dream, his giraffe wife was standing before an ambulance, saying (bi ghandara): "Yi, thank God my husband jawzi habibi encouraged me to learn about first aids, yaaay, btetkhayalo!"

I kept thinking what, during the day before, triggered dreaming about Mr. Baroud. Hmmm, could it be the baroud itself? Then, I remembered I had been looking at a magazine with Carole Samaha on the cover, after which I said to my friend: "she's so pretty, can you believe she's 44?" (btw is she really 44?). Back in my mind, I was thinking: "tab why is she still single? Inno look at her! Jamel w meil w zaka w smalla 3leiha w 7waleiha", "is it because this dumb stupid person yalleh esmo baroud afandi broke her heart?" Mind you, I was this huge fan of Carole and I always hated what that sob did to her! (showing solidarity mish aktar :) ) But I didn’t know I hated the guy so much I had to kill him in my dream! That's some solidarity! Tab had I spoken to my friend about the plain thought that crossed my mind, would my subconscious mind still felt the urge of liberating this suppressed urge in a dream??

I also had tons of other weird dreams during that same night: there's this scene where I was eating a cake, prepared by my uncle's wife. It tasted like poison actually, and I was going on eating & feeling nauseated; meanwhile, watching my mom on TV: it seems she was a famous movie actress. Ba3d fi! Khabissa l 3adeh! Bass anyway, I forgot, w I want to go sleep anyway.. yalla later.

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