Friday, December 08, 2006

Sick, sick, sick

So, has it become a competition now on who is more Lebanese than the other?

fine, fine, you are the most perfect political body to be entrusted with the Lebanese nationality, and anyone who dares to disagree with you is just another nation traitor, American worshipper, Israeli agent that emodies pure evil. happy now? Oh and I like the tone. peace-loving and very unity- promotion style. just like it was intended. and the timing? perfect! imagine if the speech was delivered on sunday! how else would we have reminded the sluggish ones to re-load some momentum?

Is it so wrong that some Lebanese may be just as Lebanese as you are? ok, ok, I'll hold till you get the answer back from "other" sources.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Downtown

min ghayyer leish ma min ghayyer shu bou el teghyeer na3am sa noughayyer w shu eshbo shu eshbo el teghyeer ya3eesh el teghyeer yeslamleh rab el teghyeeer ana wal taghyeer wa hawak ma te7keh ma3eh mish sheyefneh 3am ghayyer ya 3ammeh ya heik teghyeer ya bala... shu baddak...

Viva la Revolutiona!

P.S. picture source unknown. landed in my inbox.