Friday, November 17, 2006

Tous les Coups sont Permis

"Non, pas sur la bouche
Je sais, je touche
Le fond du lac
Le temps des cerises est mort
Le diable est dans le corps
Non, pas sur les lèvres
Non c'est pas mièvre
C'est pas le trac

Rien ne dure...
Au dessus de la ceinture"

(La Ceinture- Elodie Frege)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

- OMG, she’s here!
- I can’t believe my eyes!
- Are you seeing what I’m seeing?
- She’s not dead in an earthquake.
- She wasn’t sucked in a Katrina hurricane.
- She didn’t get married and have her fifth child.

What can I say? It’s always amusing to go back to my dance classes and be greeted after few months of absence! Well, I did manage to mutilate myself already (dry blood under my toe skin, scratches on my arm and forehead, broken nails, inability to walk etc…) but nothing like it to forget all about the outside world.
w khalasna ba2a.