Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How Bored Can We Get In Lebanon?

- I wish they’d blow something up
- huh?
- They don’t have to kill anyone… if only they blew up a small building. It’s been long wlo!
- ...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Parfois, je les hais un peu, les hommes.

Leur façon de quitter, lorsque tout ce qu'il fallait c'était de rester encore… ne serait-ce que pour le temps d'un vol d'hirondelles;

Leur façon de ne jamais quitter, de rester là, à me contempler, ruminant le silence de mes pensées;

Leur façon de ne pas comprendre, de parler, de ne pas parler;
D'avoir peur, de dire que je suis belle sans me déchiffrer;
De m'enlacer tendrement, moi qui cherche quelqu'un pour me secouer;
De chuchoter, lorsque tout ce que je veux est de crier comme un damné;

Je les en veux; je les déteste un peu… peut-être trop, tu sais?
Et même si je ne l'ai jamais dit à personne, parfois même, je m'amuse à jouer de leur cœur brisé…

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bits and Pieces

- Mood of the moment? It's set on "Walk The Line", a five-star movie, which I'm glad I had the opportunity to watch… w heik I spent the last hour, googling Johnny Cash, whom I have to admit, I never heard of before! bass glad the movie had no dramatic end… I'm certainly not in the mood for one of those right now.

Yii and there was this few-second scene where June Carter handed Johnny Cash a book to read. 2al she always gives out a book after finishing with it. Anyway, you could have heard all the audience in the movie theatre going like: "yi, Gibran! The Prophet"… W ba3dein, there were naturally so many songs in the movies, and you really cannot feel the 2,5 hours passing by. Excellent performance by the actors as well.

- The funny thing when you go out with a teacher & happen to run across his college students in the movie theatre inno they all start to have these thoughts, and give you the look which says: "Hmmm, so this is whom he's dating; eh walla tomorrow the whole class will know!" mahdoumeen :)

- Now I can finally understand what's the controversy about Rajaa El Saneh's new book (Banat El Riyad) is all about. Someone who read it recounted me a chapter that cracked me up (the one about the newly married Saudi woman who lives with her husband in the U.S., and how she discovered about his Japanese girlfriend) hehe, so funny!

- This is how much I've been influenced by blogger: upon visiting one of my daily websites:, I unconsciously added "blogspot" to it, and sat there wondering angrily why it wasn't opening! Allah yse3ed!

- Ufftt... I'm so angry with myself. done something I shouldn't have done & all the hard work is gone. Now I need to start over. focus ya benet, focus!

- Sometimes, life works in a very weird, teasing, 7illeh-3anneh-ba2a kind of way. and it's tiring... very tiring actually...


Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Deathclock

They call themselves: "a friendly reminder that life is slipping away" HUH! Like there is such thing aslan!

But seriously, watching your deathclock is kind of weird, even if this whole thing was just silly. It's like a slap on the face: tic, tic, tic, your seconds are slipping away... tic, tic, tic...

According to the deathclock, my time will come on October 13, 2059. It will be a Monday. A new week. Mondays are always a time to make resolutions, to finish things one had postponed or put aside. Mondays... new beginnings... new trips... new whatever... Fall would have just started. It wouldn't be too cold at that time. no too hot either. I'd be extinct with a soft breeze, with Emily's last birds of September. I wonder if I'd be first to go, or maybe longing to join those who had preceded me. I wonder...
I wonder if I'd leave with a smile of satisfaction.

I still have 1, 690, 977, 561 seconds left. no wait, 560... 559... 558...

Monday, March 06, 2006


I'm not exactly a mommy's girl. But who ever had time to make his own lunch, when waking up to work in the morning? Lek who ever had time to wake up min aslo?

Anyway, let's not go there, nor to where my relation with kitchen & cooking stands at the moment. It's ugly, believe me.

What's interesting however is: the bag which my mom chose to place my lunch in!

here, see for yourselves:

You think she suspects anything?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A La Chinese

Inno I knew he was older, but I didn't realize he was 40 until he told me his Chinese sign is a horse! that should be weird... well, weird and scary: forty-year old guys usually tend to seek marriage, don't they? hmm... shi ma bitammen...

As a side note, ok, ok, I'll say it: I'm a monkey! (I mean by sign of course!) and they do have a point down there ;) I like the part where they talk about my "natural skills" in leadership; that should match my leo features :p