Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Leaf #16

I received an email from Céline today: This article is a must-read, especially for all of you out there who are Asterix & Obelix fans. Un régal pour les traducteurs aussi.

Anyway, this blog is definitely participating to the electoral campaign. Plz visit this site, and say yes to Mysterious Eve. (ehm, you are aware that I'm not throwing parties nor distributing gifts, right?) (shhh... I actually have to say that. we'll see about it later ;-))

Monday, October 17, 2005

Leaf #15

Fall has started yesterday in Beirut. But leaves will stop falling here, until further notice.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Leaf #14

Hmmm... I'm starting to like this blog. Solo useless ranting is doing me good. here we go for today:
Khalas, “no more fuse to use”! Try translating all day long, focusing for several consecutive hours when you’re fasting, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Inno Eve is fading away as I speak. Actually, I'm fading away as she speaks. ehhhh, whatever...

I watched Les Poupées Russes a couple of days ago. A great movie! Imagine this: it was shot in the only three places I’ve been in Europe: London, Paris and St. Petersburg. A sight for sore eyes! And I even understood some of the Russian words (xarasho and gorka)! Yaaay me! I was like: "she said xarasho! and I know Russian!" I'm posting one of my Russia pictures again, ya3neh, for the good old times. Oh, and by the way, Sacha is fine and he says hi (wink wink).


On my way back home today, the conversations on the streets focused, as follows, on: "Ghazi Kanaan, Ghazi Kanaan; G.K.; G.K.; food & empty stomachs; G.K.; killed; "farrouj meshweh" (with the detailed description); G.K.; suicide my a**; oh, cute guy to the left; G.K; children crying inside my head; G.K.; security forces; move your car, you moron!; G.K. etc..." So, they killed him, surprise, surprise!

Meeting some old friends can somehow be disappointing... will find out more about it tomorrow.

I'm only missing my dance classes.

my idelness.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Leaf #13 (About Headaches and Catwalks)

I don’t think there is still one single person with whom I haven’t argued today yet. I have this terrible headache that isn’t really a headache, but which we call headache because we don’t know what it is for real, and because we just want to give the feeling we’re going through this greatest pain in the world, but holding ourselves together like brave soldiers. Come to think of it, I haven’t really had a real headache in my life. I have this theory about pain: One can only get sick if one wants to be sick. So, supposedly, you can fight sickness with the power of your mind. It’s crappy you may say, but the last time I was in real pain (regardless of my monthly sufferings, which I’m even learning to control) was a couple of years ago (touch wood allah ykhallikon). Generally, it’s all about keeping yourself busy with something else, and of course all about the power of denial: just keep telling yourself “no, it doesn’t hurt that much yet… no, not yet… not yet…” As a result, I was once rushed into the dentist’s office, on a Sunday (yes, we had to bring him there on a Sunday), due to an unbearable pain in a tooth. After examining me, he was like: “What!!! How have you been putting up with this? You should have been in my clinic weeks ago!” Right now, I feel I need to shout, but something inside of me is still whispering: not yet, not yet…

Oh, I still have one person to argue with today: one of my regular clients whom I had translated some documents for, but whom I should always remind to pay. God, how I used to hate doing these phone calls! But I eventually learned how to pick up the phone & say the Money word in plain Arabic. However, I kind of like this particular client; beside her sweetness, she’s my door to the fashion and top-models world. Yeah, yeah, I had always had this secret dream of becoming a model one day and do the catwalk thing etc… But I haven’t really taken a serious step towards it, and ended up taking the translation path instead. I guess I’m too old for that today. Anyway, this client did give me an agency’s address, and I did go there. But something there didn’t smell quite right. And besides, I don’t have the time for it anymore. Today, I sometimes look at the life of all these Haifas and Lamitas, and I wonder what it is like to be a Haifa. Akh, what the hell am I doing among all these books and dictionaries?!

Okay, I have to go now. Sport & Loisirs is my real medicine these days.